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A brown box sits open, lid ajar, exposing hexagonal cards inside. The box has an astronaut and the title of the game printed on it in yellow and black. Beside it sit some of the black hexagon cards all with different images printed on them. One has a satellite, two have space station parts, and the third has a floating astronaut. The images are brown and yellow.

Station Builder Card Game

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Huston We Have Lift Off! 

This hand-printed locally-made (Warkworth, ON) card game is set in low earth orbit where astronauts are busy building a space station. Players take turns placing cards to build the space station and connect astronauts to claim it for themselves. The game can be played collaboratively or competitively! Fun for the whole family.

2 - 4 players. Ages 6 and up. 30 minutes or more of fun!

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