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The cover of the book depicting a skeleton under the water and emerges as a blonde girl with pointy ears. The water around her is filled with lily pads and pink water lilies.

Wayward Sisters: An Anthology Of Monstrous Women

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Welcome to the world of Wayward Sisters, a celebration of non-binary and women characters who are indelicate, impolite, irrepressible… and a little bit monstrous. Inside you’ll find demons balancing duty and family, undead motivational speakers, mermaids hunted for their meat, and a gentle T. Rex looking for love. These twenty-five stories put new and provocative spins on frightful fiends, mythological creatures, and monsters like you’ve never seen before!

Spotlighting the work of diverse non-binary and women comics creators, this collection of full-color comics stars the work of thirty-eight international writers and artists, including Cara McGee (Over the Garden Wall, Dodge City), Cassandra Khaw (Hammers on Bone, Food of the Gods), Katie Shanahan (Flight, Explorer), and many others.

Heartfelt, tragic, hilarious, and downright creepy, the twenty-five stories in Wayward Sisters will satisfy your craving for diverse voices, compelling stories… and blood.
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