A wooden block with a painting of an anthropomorphic walrus, octopus, racoon, and blue jay in brightly coloured military uniforms on it. The walrus is wearing a yellow military suit, small circular pink glasses, and is holding a french horn. The octopus is wearing a bright pink military suit and holding a trumpet. The racoon is wearing a bright blue suit, and the blue jay is wearing a bright orange suit with a hat. In front of all of them is a large base drum with the name "SGT. Peppers" on it.

Tony Taylor "With A Little Help From My Friends" Wood Print

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"My interpretation of The Beatles based on the songs they wrote with animals in the titles; John - I Am The Walrus, Ringo - Octopus's Garden, Paul - Rocky Raccoon, and George - Blue Jay Way" - Taylor

These wood prints are printed on top-quality Canadian birch plywood using sustainable, water-based inks and mounted on a 1-inch or 1.5-inch frame. The surface is heat and water resistant, and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

All wood prints are hand crafted in Toronto, Canada. Each piece's wood grain, texture, and minor imperfections make it truly unique.

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